Keen Action Consulting Limited aims to facilitate businesses’ optimization actively by providing credible solutions and developing tailor-made software to suit customers’ diverse needs, to enhance organization workflow and to achieve companies’ ultimate goals. 

We identify customers’ challenges as our opportunities and promise to work out the best options. We regard customers’ appreciations and end users’ satisfactions as our major success.


Junior Chamber International Hong Kong, JCIHK is a Non government organization aiming to affiliate young men and women with the worldwide leadership development. They have about 1,500 members in Hong Kong.

JCI HK provides rooms and equipments for members’ meeting and event uses. JCI HK faced the problems of complicated booking schedules with the old documentary booking system. Members feel very inconvenient as they need to check with the office staff and send the booking form before confirming the bookings.

Keen Action helps to develop a E-Booking system to allow online booking for JCI HK members. After installing the system, JCI HK members can check the availability of the rooms and equipments online and finish the booking easily. Invoice module and the bill will be sent to the staff automatically as well. The E-booking system help JCI HK to highly increase their efficiency.

2. Developing the Profit Sharing Software for Focus Media in 2008

Focus media, a company working on providing media space at the life lobbies in many commercial buildings in Hong Kong. They cooperated with diverse clients who want to advertise and lots of commercial buildings who provide the medium to advertise.

Previously, Focus Media was using MS Excel to record all the commercial buildings’ names and the advertising space that they can provide. And they need separated lists for the clients who advertise using their media channels. They rely on using confusing lists to record the duration of the advertisements, various sizes, any maintenance caused disability to advertise, any related information, etc. Focus media need to spend large amount of time to calculate the costs to the commercial buildings and the revenue from the clients when it come to the financial aspects. Focus Media found great difficulties with the confusing lists and huge wastage of time as they spent almost two weeks time for the preparation of the financial statements to the different parties every month.

Keen Action helps to develop a Profit Sharing Software to shorten the amount of time Focus Media needs to deal with the financial aspects. With the Auto calculation formulas in the software, the financial statements, cheques and the reports could be generated by simply inputting the information about the clients from time to time. Time spent on preparing any financial aspects can be greatly reduced and the company can focus more on finding new clients.

MediKAre is a mature clinic management solution which is a reliable partner for your own clinic to rely on. It is comprehensive in clinic management including appointment booking, document management, inventory control, consultation and billing system.

MED Booking, a movable software for clinic management by viewing, adding and changing appointments at anytime anywhere. It smoothes your schedule and eases your life!

KA CRM Finance—a customer relationship management tool helps to do better by using the relationship tree function and document management to keep track on the relationship development.