Keen Action Software Products
  • Mobile Apps  appstorelogo
  • MediNote
    A brand new experience for doctor to take notes and drawings by pen and iPad. Doctor could also review Patient's health record in a paperless way.
  • MedBooking
    An iOS app for users to check the whole clinic or their own appointment through the cloud service at anytime and in anywhere.
  • 3iTrack
    An iOS app enables users to monitor the location of vehicle(s) and setup various alarms. Alarm notification will be received via SMS or GPRS.
  • Windows Applications
  • MediKAre CMS
    MediKAre CMS
    A comprehensive software for healthcare practitioner to simplify their tasks. It works with various plugins, like MediNote and DICOM imaging and integrates with medical equipments.
  • MediKArd
    A rewritable card for clinic patient, so that clinic could allow patients to use the rewritable Patient ID Card to print the tailor-made message and the details of next appointment.
  • MediMAGE
    MediMAGE Reporter
    A medical image system that transfers medical image to patient file directly. Doctor can then prepare patient report in a time-saving way.
  • CRMfinance
    CRM Finance
    An advanced Customer Relationship Management application which targets financial planners, to help manage clients' database and hence to explore more potential customers.
  • Cloud Applications
  • EdKAre
    A system to simplify the workload on student registration, class enrollment, manage attendence record and payment record. User could monitor education center operation in real time.
  • ecMail
    A mail in-and-out processing system which provides to company secretary to comply with client's instruction on mail process accordingly.