Nowadays, many company secretaries provide registered address to those who set up Hong Kong companies, which means that these company secretaries have to help their clients to receive and handle mail. To make this duty become more organized, Keen Action Consulting Limited developed a mail handling system named ecMail.

Once company secretary receives mail to their clients, ecMail will process the mail and cope with them in four different ways:
  • Mail would be sent by company secretary to post office if record of mail could not be found in ecMail.
  • Mail would be handled by company secretary. As some clients may require company secretary to provide other services such as tax or audit, company secretary would help their clients to deal with the mail if the mail is related to these issues.
  • Mail would be forwarded by company secretary to client if client would not take the mail personally.
  • Mail would be kept by company secretary. Then, client would take mail in person.

Besides, ecMail can lighten user’s workload because of the following features:
  • When company secretary forwards mail to their clients, ecMail records the postage transaction automatically. As a result, transaction record would be shown in client’s profile clearly.
  • Each client has a separate note for user to note down client’s specific need. For instance, if client A requires user to send mail every Monday, company secretary could mark this request in client A’s own reminder.
  • ecMail includes auto reminder which serves to remind their mailing schedule. For example, if company secretary needs to send mail to client A every Monday, auto reminder will remind company secretary every Monday.
  • For mail that has not been taken from client for long time, ecMail would remind client to get it by sending email automatically.