EdKAre is an operation management system for education institute, which aims to simplify their general administrative work in student record management. Including student registration, class scheduling, sales and billing, EdKAre could provide appropriate assistant and support to education centre.
Cloud Platform
Using Cloud computing as a basis, users can work with EdKAre in the same system at any same time. In order words, without limiting to one computer, users can review, modify and share EdKAre database in various locations simultaneously. It is beneficial for particular education institute who have more than one branch centre.
No software installation
Without installing any software, users can use EdKAre as long as they have a sub-domain centre name (e.g: yourcentre.EdKAre.com)
Low but reasonable price
No start-up cost and server setup is needed. User could experience EdKAre with less than $17 per day.
Data Backup
Since EdKAre is running on the cloud and it backs up data on the cloud regularly, users could focus on the daily operation instead of the system data backup or recovery.
Real Time Report
EdKAre could retrieve the data from a specific center or a country at any specified time period to compile as a report.
Automatic save
To ensure that the typing data would not lost, EdKAre helps users to save data automatically. In case users forget to save the data, they could still find the latest data update in EdKAre.
User Access Control
EdKAre is divided into different scopes, from headquarter to country master to an individual education center. Each user could view or edit the data based on his scope and his user role.