Keen Action Consulting Limited proposed an iOS app for clinic users called MedBooking. Since appointment could only be viewed in clinic which is so inconvenient, MedBooking allows users to view appointments through Cloud Computing at anytime and anywhere, and hence to smoothen the schedule and eases their life.
Works with different CMS
MedBooking works with different Clinic Management System (CMS) such as MediKare CMS, HKMA CMS and Clinic Solution, so that CMS users could experience the convenience of MedBooking.
Few steps to use
There are few simple steps to use MedBooking. As long as they are CMS users, they could view appointment via MedBooking after registration.
Supports iOS, Android and PC
MedBooking includes mobile version and PC version. iPhone users could download MedBooking in Apple Store. As for Android and other PC users, they could access to to use MedBooking.
In addition to MedBooking, Keen Action Consulting Limited also provides a Clinic Management System called MediKare CMS that aims to systematic and organize clinic work. Using MedBooking with MediKare CMS can definitely reduce clinic workload. Click here for more details.