MediMAGE Reporter
Designed for doctors, MediMAGE Reporter is a medical image tool  to manage medical images like ultrasound and x-ray image. Doctors always have to handle loads of medical images from patients. When medical images are generated, doctors will import images to designated patient record manually, which may cause mistake during import. For instance, wrongly input images to patient profile.

Yet, MediMAGE Reporter could transfer medical image to patient record directly after images are created. Doctors no longer need to transfer file themselves but to focus on preparing investigation report, and hence to minimize manual mistake and reduce time.

  • Create patient investigation report by few clicks on report template
  • Modify the layout and content of report template as you like
  • Support various image formats such as DICOM and jpg
  • Find medical image in patient record instead of the entire file system
  • Update patient database automatically once new image is generated (*based on types of ultrasound device and network)
  • Search patient profile instantly by simply typing keyword